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Short version - I am enjoying it!

These are the things I have actually worn.

1 Sunglasses - worn most days
2 Brown handbag - used every day
3 Green handbag - not used
4 Diamond stud earrings - worn every day
5 Peacock dangly earrings that my mum just gave me - not worn yet
6 Typewriter necklace from my sister - worn more than once
7 Button-like necklace from my mum - worn more than once
8 Big black scarf - not worn
9 Mushroom spotty scarf - worn most days

10 Navy espadrilles - worn more than once
11 Navy suede high heels - worn more than once
12 Navy lower shoes - worn more than once
13 Turquoise high heels - worn more than once
14 Grey "fit-flop" slip ons - worn more than once

15 Dark grey dress - worn more than once
16 Grey pinstripe dress - worn more than once
17 Navy Trollied Dolly dress - not worn yet, but I have it in my bag for this evening
18 Grey pinstripe skirt - worn more than once
19 Long navy flowery skirt - worn once
20 Jeans - worn more than once
21 Khaki long shorts - not worn
22 Navy trousers - worn once
23 Grey cashmere hoodie - worn more than once
24 Navy cashmere cardi - worn more than once
25 Grey pinstripe jacket - worn more than once
26 Cream linen jacket - worn once
27 White vest top - worn once
28 Green vest top - worn once
29 Navy stripy top - worn once
30 Navy plain top - worn once
31 White ruffled shirt - not worn yet
32 Short sleeved flowery shirt - worn once
33 Black jacket - worn more than once

I am thinking I might take advantage of the sub-rule that says you can make a substitution after the first week. When it's sunny I think I really need a hat. I'm wondering which of the items I should replace with my squashy navy sunhat. Probably the green handbag, though I'm wondering about the big black scarf. Though that is awfully useful as a wrap when it turns cold after being warm all day. So I shall keep that, put away the green handbag, and retrieve my navy sunhat from wherever I put it.

Anyway, it's been really really good. I've enjoyed getting dressed in the morning, it's sort of peaceful. I've even enjoyed hanging out the laundry, because I already think of my chosen items as friends whom I'm glad to see again after they've been washed. The only time I've had little moments of doubt are when I see someone wearing something cool and I think that I have something like that which I could wear, but it's Put Away. But then I realise that I actually like the clothes that I've chosen more than that thing, and that's why I chose them.

It's encouraging me to try minimalism in other parts of my life. This will be an exciting journey.

Date: 2011-06-29 10:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] the-alchemist.livejournal.com
I like reading this!

Personally, I suspect I have the opposite problem: I gravitate towards wearing the same things all the time and have to make an effort to wear more things.

Are there laundry issues? It seems to me you'd barely have a load there, and once you take different colours into account you'd always be doing environmentally unfriendly half loads.

Date: 2011-06-30 09:36 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jacquic.livejournal.com
It suits me for laundry, because (a) I do mixed loads with a Colour Catcher, and (b) the 33 doesn't include underwear, nightwear, gym clothes (IF I go to the gym HAHAHA), all of which I have to wash as well.

But having said that I've only done a week so far, so I don't know whether it'll be a problem later. I suspect myself of putting off doing the laundry just because I do have some clean clothes, so having to do it will probably be good for me.


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