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Last Sunday I went to a gig in Hoxton to see Kit Richardson playing. I met her at a craft evening a few weeks ago, and we got chatting about music and I said I'd like to come to her gig, so she invited me.

It was at the Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, which has a stage inside. Kit was on quite early, so the room wasn't really full, which was a shame, but it did fill up during her set. She plays the piano and sings, and has a backing band of guitar, drums, violin and cello. She played the piano really well: I was surprised, because she was telling me she didn't feel very confident playing in all different keys and modes; but I know that her approach is very much that she wants to keep learning, so probably she feels like she can improve at this. I'm impressed, anyway.

I find it hard to describe what her music actually sounds like, and I'm not very good at hearing lyrics, so I'm not even sure what any of the songs were about. So I am Very Bad at music reviews. She has a lovely voice, and the contrasts were really good: there were a few upbeat songs, and a couple of songs that started quietly and then ramped right up, and just as I was thinking that it was a shame she hadn't done one that was quiet all the way through, she played (just her and the cello) a really beautiful song that was so understated and pretty.

In summary: I loved it! Definitely going to go to the next one, if I possibly can.

This is from March, so it was sounding a bit different when I heard it, but she did play this song.

Also, it was super fun to go to a gig! Last Sunday was the first gig of this sort I'd been to, and about the third or fourth concert in total. It was a little daunting to go on my own, but in the end some of Kit's other friends didn't turn up, so I got to chat to her before and after, and I met the band and her manager, who is a complete sweetie. So I'm so glad I went!
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